What's In My Backpack 2015

Saturday, August 1, 2015

With school right around the corner again, I decided to do a What's In My Backpack post to show you all what I keep in my backpack to get me through those LONG school days!

So I guess we will start out with my backpack! I got this North Face backpack at the North Face outlet near my house. I absolutely love the color combination on the backpack! Also, this backpack is perfect for me because it has plenty of room and I carry quite a bit as you can see.
Lilly Pulitzer Agenda
This agenda is an absolute ESSENTIAL for me! I use this to plan out my homework and schedule activities. This is the large size in the print Lilly's Lagoon. You can find it here.
Zip-It Pencil Pouch and what is Inside
I think this pencil pouch is very practical and gets the job done! I purchased mine at Office Depot.
Inside I would keep some cheap mechanical pencils along with some nicer ones, highlighters for my agenda and for school work, white out tape, a sharpie, and my favorite Paper-mate felt tip pens. I absolutely adore these pens because they are so colorful and last forever. They make note taking a thousand times better! You can find them here.
iPhone and Charger
I keep a striped Kate Spade case on my phone, and of course I have to have a Lilly Pulitzer charger! Not only is it really cute, but it’s portable which makes it easy to charge my phone whenever I need to.
Water Bottle
I take water to stay hydrated and focus throughout the day. My favorite water bottle to take is a camelbak and I like to decorate mine with stickers. You can find Camelbak’s here.
Protein Bars and Gum
Just like water, I need food so I can stay focused, and these Cliff bars and Kind bars are packed with protein, very convenient, and they taste really good. Chewing mint gum also helps me focus and this Orbit Bubblemint kind is my absolute favorite! You all should really try it!
TI 84 Calculator
I keep a calculator in my backpack for math class. My math classes require this type of calculator. So I keep it in my backpack so I can easily access it in class. You can find this particular calculator here.
Mini Emergency Kit
You never know what is going to happen to you at school. This mini emergency kit has anything you would ever need in any situation! I bought mine at Francesca’s but you can also find them here.
Notebooks and Binders
Most people will keep notebooks, binders, and folders in their backpacks to organize their school work. I would probably have a notebook for every class and a binder or folder for every class. My favorite brand of notebooks is Five-Star and any cute binders will do for me! (Keep an eye out for a DIY School Supplies post coming in the near future!)
Beats Headphones
Sometimes teachers will allow us to listen to music while we work,and I love to take up on that offer! So these headphones are essential. You can find these headphones here.
Hair Ties and Brush
Throughout the day my hair may get tangled or stringy and this way I can fix my hair or put it up in a ponytail and I don’t have to worry about it.
Lotion and Hand Sanitizer
Schools have a lot of germs and it can be easy to catch colds which is why I always make sure to have hand sanitizer, especially in the winter when it’s cold and flu season. In the winter my hands also get dry and cracked so it is essential to have lotion! My favorite place to get these products is Bath and Body Works!

I would love to thank Live the Prep Life for collaborating with me on this post! She was so much fun to work with and has a fantastic preppy blog! On her blog we did Back to School Outfit ideas and you should definitely go check it out and follow her blog!

I hope this helped you get your backpack in order and helped you know what to put in your backpack for the new school year!
Thanks for reading!

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ftc. this was a collaborative post with Brooke from Live the Prep Life
Disclaimer. This was not a sponsored post