DIY Lilly Pulitzer Binder Covers

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Hey guys! Long time no blog! You wouldn't believe how hectic my life has been these last couple of weeks since school has started back up. Thats why there has been a lack of posts recently. Sorry about that! 
Also, if you are ever missing my blog posts be sure to check my instagram account, @michaelascorner where I post almost every day! Sometimes I ask you what you want to see on my blog and a lot of you said you wanted to see how I made my binder cover in the picture below. So today I'll be showing you guys how to make these DIY Lilly Pulitzer Binder Covers!

How to Make:
1. Download these Binder Covers Off Kraftie Katie
OR you can find any other binder covers you like on the internet! These are just the ones I used!
Save them to your computer.
2.Open the documment onto Paint
3.Type and position what class you want onto your binder cover in paint!
(I used a free font download called Sweet Pea! You can find it if you type in free fonts on pinterest!)
4. Then just save that document with your text on it and print it out! simple as that!
5. Slip it into your binder and then you have cute covers for your otherwise plain binders. These are just so fun to look at during the school day!

Here are some of the designs I made...

So, there you have it! This is how I made my binder covers this year! I hope you all try these out! Also, if you have already started school this is a great way to spice up those plain binders! 

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Thank you all so much for reading!
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What's In My Backpack 2015

Saturday, August 1, 2015

With school right around the corner again, I decided to do a What's In My Backpack post to show you all what I keep in my backpack to get me through those LONG school days!

So I guess we will start out with my backpack! I got this North Face backpack at the North Face outlet near my house. I absolutely love the color combination on the backpack! Also, this backpack is perfect for me because it has plenty of room and I carry quite a bit as you can see.
Lilly Pulitzer Agenda
This agenda is an absolute ESSENTIAL for me! I use this to plan out my homework and schedule activities. This is the large size in the print Lilly's Lagoon. You can find it here.
Zip-It Pencil Pouch and what is Inside
I think this pencil pouch is very practical and gets the job done! I purchased mine at Office Depot.
Inside I would keep some cheap mechanical pencils along with some nicer ones, highlighters for my agenda and for school work, white out tape, a sharpie, and my favorite Paper-mate felt tip pens. I absolutely adore these pens because they are so colorful and last forever. They make note taking a thousand times better! You can find them here.
iPhone and Charger
I keep a striped Kate Spade case on my phone, and of course I have to have a Lilly Pulitzer charger! Not only is it really cute, but it’s portable which makes it easy to charge my phone whenever I need to.
Water Bottle
I take water to stay hydrated and focus throughout the day. My favorite water bottle to take is a camelbak and I like to decorate mine with stickers. You can find Camelbak’s here.
Protein Bars and Gum
Just like water, I need food so I can stay focused, and these Cliff bars and Kind bars are packed with protein, very convenient, and they taste really good. Chewing mint gum also helps me focus and this Orbit Bubblemint kind is my absolute favorite! You all should really try it!
TI 84 Calculator
I keep a calculator in my backpack for math class. My math classes require this type of calculator. So I keep it in my backpack so I can easily access it in class. You can find this particular calculator here.
Mini Emergency Kit
You never know what is going to happen to you at school. This mini emergency kit has anything you would ever need in any situation! I bought mine at Francesca’s but you can also find them here.
Notebooks and Binders
Most people will keep notebooks, binders, and folders in their backpacks to organize their school work. I would probably have a notebook for every class and a binder or folder for every class. My favorite brand of notebooks is Five-Star and any cute binders will do for me! (Keep an eye out for a DIY School Supplies post coming in the near future!)
Beats Headphones
Sometimes teachers will allow us to listen to music while we work,and I love to take up on that offer! So these headphones are essential. You can find these headphones here.
Hair Ties and Brush
Throughout the day my hair may get tangled or stringy and this way I can fix my hair or put it up in a ponytail and I don’t have to worry about it.
Lotion and Hand Sanitizer
Schools have a lot of germs and it can be easy to catch colds which is why I always make sure to have hand sanitizer, especially in the winter when it’s cold and flu season. In the winter my hands also get dry and cracked so it is essential to have lotion! My favorite place to get these products is Bath and Body Works!

I would love to thank Live the Prep Life for collaborating with me on this post! She was so much fun to work with and has a fantastic preppy blog! On her blog we did Back to School Outfit ideas and you should definitely go check it out and follow her blog!

I hope this helped you get your backpack in order and helped you know what to put in your backpack for the new school year!
Thanks for reading!

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ftc. this was a collaborative post with Brooke from Live the Prep Life
Disclaimer. This was not a sponsored post

15 Tips on How-To Raise Your Grade Point Average + Get Better Grades

Saturday, July 25, 2015

With Back-to-School season right around the corner I thought it would be a good idea to share some tips on how to increase your GPA for the upcoming school year! I tend to get good grades in school and these are my tips on how I do it! But, you have to understand that doing well in school isn't always easy!

Be Prepared for Class
It is very important to be prepared for class with everything you need. Make sure you have everything your teacher needs you to have for class. Do your homework and have it ready and complete before you enter the classroom! Don't try to scramble to do your homework right before class. That is never your best work! It is hard to be successful without the materials you need, so be prepared for class!

Eat Before Class
It is important to not be hungry during class so that you can learn and absorb the information you are being taught! So make sure you eat before class so you concentrate on the information, NOT your growling tummy!

Get a Good Night's Sleep Before Tests
You should get a good night's rest not only before tests and exams but for class as well. This will also allow better concentration and allows your mind to be more awake! This will help you think better and more clearly, therefore, getting you a better grade on the test!

Make a Study Schedule
I know this can be hard if you have a busy schedule, but it is important to set aside time to study and review information. It doesn't have to be a lot of time, even 10-15 minutes will help you get a better grade!

Don't Procrastinate
I know this is easier said then done, and I am very guilty of this, but I have found that when I don't put off assignments I am lest stressed and more prepared!

Take Breaks
When you are studying it is important to clear your mind with a break, whether that means electronic time or eating a snack, it is important! Studies have shown that students who take breaks while studying do better on tests than those who don't take breaks.

Put Forth Your Best Effort
For this one just remember that you won't get the results you want if you don't put in the effort to actually achieve those goals. The amount of effort you put in effects the results and what you get out! So if you want good marks you have to work hard for them!

Don't Waste Time
This one kind of goes along with the procrastination tip! I have learned that instead of wasting time and doing things to just pass time, it is good to go ahead and get those assignments out of the way! I know it sucks and you would much rather be watching Netflix or looking at social media, but you will thank yourself when you have it done and don't have to worry about it anymore! It feels like a weight is lifted off of your shoulders!

Choose the Best Classes For You
You have to understand that everyone is different! Take classes that are not too easy (so that you learn) and those that aren't too hard (so that you can succeed). Only you know what is right for you! It is very important to choose the right classes in order to succeed.

Do All Offered Extra-Credit
When extra-credit is offered, you should view it as mandatory instead of optional. No matter what your grade is, extra-credit only helps! Also, if you think you have a good grade right now in the class it is still important to do extra-credit because it might save our grade later on!

Organization is Key
This tip is one of the most important ones! I cant stress enough how important it is to stay organized. Binders/Folders and my planner are what keeps me sane! My planner helps me remember when things are due and my binders help me keep all those papers organized!

Constantly Review Information
Instead of cramming before tests, review the information every night for at least 5 minutes. This will refresh your mind every night and help you remember the material a lot better!

Ask For Help
If you are struggling on a topic it is SO important to ask for help! You cant be scared to raise your hand or talk to the teacher before or after class! They will help you because it is their job!

Put Homework First
Homework should always come before hanging out with friends and everything else. You have to prioritize! This will ensure that you get it done and then you can reward yourself by going out with friends!

Remember not to stress too much! Take breaks and take time for yourself because school and grades are not the end of the world!

So, this is how I maintain an A average GPA. I hope these tips were helpful! Just remember that even though it is hard, it will be so rewarding when you get the grades you hoped for! Also, it is important to remember that grades don't mean everything! 
Thanks for reading!

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Updated Sticker Collecton 2015

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

To my amazement, a lot of people really loved my last sticker collection I shared! It is by far the most viewed post on my blog! Thank you all for that! 
After I posted that Sticker Collection I have added a few more stickers to my collection and I thought I should share since my Sticker Collection post was so popular! 

Above is a picture of my updated collection!
You might notice a few new stickers!

The stickers above are from Summer Ties. These stickers came relatively fast! I really like the one with the lighthouse!

The next stickers I added to my collection were bought while I was at the beach.When you purchased they gave you some stickers! (I purchased the sticker on the left separately.)
The Sperry Topsider Stickers took a long time to arrive and I am not really too crazy about the design of them. However, I am glad to have added them to my collection!
My North Face Sticker's arrived VERY quickly. (2-3 Days!)
These Coastal Provisions stickers are by far my favorite addition to my sticker collection! They also arrived pretty quickly! (A couple weeks.)
Last but not least, we have Southern Lure. These stickers took forever to come in but I think it was worth it! I really like these stickers!

How you can get these stickers for FREE:
When requesting stickers from companies some will have a page that you have to fill out on their website giving information like your address and name and phone number so they can send you the stickers. If the company has a page like this you do not have to email the company directly and talk to customer service. To receive stickers just fill out the website page and your stickers should arrive in the mail.

If you have to email the companies customer service be very polite and say " Hey my name is ___________. I really love your company and would love to further promote it by being sent some stickers." If the company replies they usually ask for your address!

Links and Emails:
Summer Ties:
Ron Jon: Purchased In-Store (I am willing to trade on my Instagram If you all want to!)
The North Face: To receive my North Face stickers I had to send in a pre-addressed envelope to their headquarters. When I contacted The North Face this is what they told me! "You can request The North Face stickers by mailing a request to the address listed below along with a self-addressed stamped envelope (so the stickers can be sent to you). All stickers requests require a self-address stamped envelope to be sent to the address listed below. Requests without the self-address envelope will not be fulfilled. You can request The 
The North Face Attn: Stickers 
N850 County Highway CB 
Appleton, WI 54914"

Coastal Provisions:

So, there you have it! My updated sticker collection!
 I want to thank all of these companies for being so generous and sending me all of these stickers!
I hope you all enjoyed seeing my updated Preppy Sticker Collection! 
Comment down below telling me your favorite stickers that I have!
Thanks for reading!

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Sticker Collection + How to Get Free Preppy Stickers

Monday, June 15, 2015

Over the course of a few months I have collected stickers from a few brands. I have really enjoyed emailing companies and requesting stickers! I love using these stickers to decorate my agenda and notebooks for school. I find that putting these cute stickers on it really personalizes your school supplies.

Here is my recent sticker collection! All of these brands were so kind to send these stickers to me.
Keep reading to find out how you can start your own sticker collection for free!

When requesting stickers from companies some will have a page that you have to fill out on their website giving information like your address and name and phone number so they can send you the stickers. If the company has a page like this you do not have to email the company directly and talk to customer service. To receive stickers just fill out the website page and your stickers should arrive in the mail.
Chaco was one of the sites with a page to fill out to request stickers. After filling out the page I probably waited 2 months. This took a long time compared to some of the other brands. 

Displaying image1.JPG
These Jadelynn Brooke stickers did not take long to deliver after filling out the request form on thier website.
These stickers came with a hand-written note from Jade, Lynn, and Brooke which I thought was really cool. These probably arrived 3 weeks later after filling out the form.
These Marley Lilly stickers were free but they made me pay $6.00 for shipping which in my opinion is a little ridiculous. But these are my favorite stickers by far so I think it was worth it. These arrived very fast (1 week).

For Patagonia I had to email the company. It took them forever just to respond to my email. Then it took even longer for the stickers to actually be delivered. I had given up with them until thier stickers arrived in my mailbox and I was happily surprised!
Displaying image2.JPG
I filled out a sticker request for Simply Southern and the stickers arrived 2-3 weeks later.
Displaying image3.JPG
I also emailed Vineyard Vines. Thier customer service wasn't the best but I get stickers promply and they replied 2 weeks later after sending an email. The stickers then arrived 2 weeks after that.
Southern Marsh had page to fill out on thier website.  You could also choose what stickers and colors you wanted. The stickers arrived fairly quickly!
Southern Tide stickers were the first stickers I ever recieved and I filled out a page on thier website to recieve them. They were the fastest to arrive and I got them in about a week!
These are the companies that got back to me and sent me stickers! If you have to email the companies customer service be very polite and say " Hey my name is ___________. I really love your company and would love to further promote it by being sent some stickers." If the company replies they usually ask for your address!

Below are links and email addresses to the companies I received stickers from:


I hope this helps you start your own preppy sticker collection for free! I really enjoyed getting my collection together and making this blog post about it! 
I hope you have a wonderful day!
Thanks for reading!

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