Updated Sticker Collecton 2015

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

To my amazement, a lot of people really loved my last sticker collection I shared! It is by far the most viewed post on my blog! Thank you all for that! 
After I posted that Sticker Collection I have added a few more stickers to my collection and I thought I should share since my Sticker Collection post was so popular! 

Above is a picture of my updated collection!
You might notice a few new stickers!

The stickers above are from Summer Ties. These stickers came relatively fast! I really like the one with the lighthouse!

The next stickers I added to my collection were bought while I was at the beach.When you purchased they gave you some stickers! (I purchased the sticker on the left separately.)
The Sperry Topsider Stickers took a long time to arrive and I am not really too crazy about the design of them. However, I am glad to have added them to my collection!
My North Face Sticker's arrived VERY quickly. (2-3 Days!)
These Coastal Provisions stickers are by far my favorite addition to my sticker collection! They also arrived pretty quickly! (A couple weeks.)
Last but not least, we have Southern Lure. These stickers took forever to come in but I think it was worth it! I really like these stickers!

How you can get these stickers for FREE:
When requesting stickers from companies some will have a page that you have to fill out on their website giving information like your address and name and phone number so they can send you the stickers. If the company has a page like this you do not have to email the company directly and talk to customer service. To receive stickers just fill out the website page and your stickers should arrive in the mail.

If you have to email the companies customer service be very polite and say " Hey my name is ___________. I really love your company and would love to further promote it by being sent some stickers." If the company replies they usually ask for your address!

Links and Emails:
Summer Ties: staff@summerties.com
Ron Jon: Purchased In-Store (I am willing to trade on my Instagram If you all want to!)
The North Face: To receive my North Face stickers I had to send in a pre-addressed envelope to their headquarters. When I contacted The North Face this is what they told me! "You can request The North Face stickers by mailing a request to the address listed below along with a self-addressed stamped envelope (so the stickers can be sent to you). All stickers requests require a self-address stamped envelope to be sent to the address listed below. Requests without the self-address envelope will not be fulfilled. You can request The 
The North Face Attn: Stickers 
N850 County Highway CB 
Appleton, WI 54914"

Coastal Provisions: Chriss@serggroup.com

So, there you have it! My updated sticker collection!
 I want to thank all of these companies for being so generous and sending me all of these stickers!
I hope you all enjoyed seeing my updated Preppy Sticker Collection! 
Comment down below telling me your favorite stickers that I have!
Thanks for reading!

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