Sticker Collection + How to Get Free Preppy Stickers

Monday, June 15, 2015

Over the course of a few months I have collected stickers from a few brands. I have really enjoyed emailing companies and requesting stickers! I love using these stickers to decorate my agenda and notebooks for school. I find that putting these cute stickers on it really personalizes your school supplies.

Here is my recent sticker collection! All of these brands were so kind to send these stickers to me.
Keep reading to find out how you can start your own sticker collection for free!

When requesting stickers from companies some will have a page that you have to fill out on their website giving information like your address and name and phone number so they can send you the stickers. If the company has a page like this you do not have to email the company directly and talk to customer service. To receive stickers just fill out the website page and your stickers should arrive in the mail.
Chaco was one of the sites with a page to fill out to request stickers. After filling out the page I probably waited 2 months. This took a long time compared to some of the other brands. 

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These Jadelynn Brooke stickers did not take long to deliver after filling out the request form on thier website.
These stickers came with a hand-written note from Jade, Lynn, and Brooke which I thought was really cool. These probably arrived 3 weeks later after filling out the form.
These Marley Lilly stickers were free but they made me pay $6.00 for shipping which in my opinion is a little ridiculous. But these are my favorite stickers by far so I think it was worth it. These arrived very fast (1 week).

For Patagonia I had to email the company. It took them forever just to respond to my email. Then it took even longer for the stickers to actually be delivered. I had given up with them until thier stickers arrived in my mailbox and I was happily surprised!
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I filled out a sticker request for Simply Southern and the stickers arrived 2-3 weeks later.
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I also emailed Vineyard Vines. Thier customer service wasn't the best but I get stickers promply and they replied 2 weeks later after sending an email. The stickers then arrived 2 weeks after that.
Southern Marsh had page to fill out on thier website.  You could also choose what stickers and colors you wanted. The stickers arrived fairly quickly!
Southern Tide stickers were the first stickers I ever recieved and I filled out a page on thier website to recieve them. They were the fastest to arrive and I got them in about a week!
These are the companies that got back to me and sent me stickers! If you have to email the companies customer service be very polite and say " Hey my name is ___________. I really love your company and would love to further promote it by being sent some stickers." If the company replies they usually ask for your address!

Below are links and email addresses to the companies I received stickers from:


I hope this helps you start your own preppy sticker collection for free! I really enjoyed getting my collection together and making this blog post about it! 
I hope you have a wonderful day!
Thanks for reading!

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